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Mike Zito Peace Drive Press Release

CAST Engineering releases the Mike Zito Peace Drive overdrive/boost pedal

Atlanta, GA – May 17, 2017 – The latest offering from CAST Engineering; The Peace Drive brings you two pedals in one, a uniquely voiced overdrive and a special boost that have been custom tuned to Mike Zito’s ear. This pedal also offers a unique switching system that enables you to put the boost function pre or post overdrive channel.

The Peace Drive gives you a drive section that offers up a delectable range of tone by way of the level, gain, and tone knobs, giving you the ability to cover almost any musical style. We’ve worked countless hours with Mike to create an extremely dynamic and useable overdrive pedal.

Don’t forget about the boost section that is dripping with magic. With a level and gain knob controlling this side, it does not disappoint. Use it as a standalone boost to send your amp into tonal bliss or stack it before or after the overdrive section by using our unique switching system that uses an LED ring around the button that changes color depending on what order you choose.

This pedal offers up a serious range of overdriven tones that give you a wide palette to choose from. The overdrive side has red lit knobs and the boost shines bright with green lit knobs.

Each Peace Drive features the following:

  • 2 pedal layout – Level, Gain, Tone (overdrive side) Level, Gain (boost side)

  • 2 Footswitches for the overdrive and boost

  • Push Button Switch for the order (light indicates order selected)

  • Standard 9v neg tip power supply

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Designed and hand built in Atlanta, GA

For more information, visit –

The CAST Engineering Peace Drive is available for $279.99

CAST Engineering is constantly striving to make the best hand built products possible. All our products use vintage, through hole technology, giving the player the best tone possible. Play one and hear for yourself!

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