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Casper awarded Editors Pick from Guitar Player Magazine!

Though digital, the Casper is designed to produce analog sounding delay tones. Three “Ghost Lit” knobs glow eerily when the effect is engaged, as they dial in delay, feedback, and wet/dry mix. An interior trim-pot controls whether—and how fast—the feedback goes into self-oscillation. To my ears, CAST Engineering has produced a digital delay with all the warmth and grit of an analog or tape unit. The name’s subtitle, “a ghostly delay”, seems appropriate, as the repeats lurked in the shadows even with the mix well past noon, helping me create Lanois-style lushness, Edge-type rhythms, and spooky dub-style effects. A drier mix delivered Gilmour-ish grandeur for solos and the effect’s 700ms of delay let me go from slight slap to ambient wash—all of which worked equally well before or after distortion. In an era when companies offer boxes that deliver a multitude of delay types in one package, why settle for a one-trick pony pedal? It might be because that pony is a thoroughbred—gorgeous and inspiring.—Michael Ross

Everyone at CAST Engineering would like to say thank you to Guitar Player Magazine and everyone else for their continued support. We have some exciting stuff in the works and will be sharing them with you soon.

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