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Partnering up with Tone Tubby speakers for BJR speaker upgrades and more!

We are super pumped about partnering up with Tone Tubby speakers for our Blues Junior amp upgrades! Tone Tubby is the original hemp cone speaker. They've got a special warmth to them that you can hear and feel. Just listen to the likes of Carlos Santana, Jimmy Herring, Derek Trucks, Steve Morse, Warren Haynes, Los Lonely Boys, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, and many more.

Stay tuned for more details with our partnership with Tone Tubby!

Please read more about Tone Tubby speakers below and take a moment to visit their website to learn about the different speakers they offer -

Tone Tubby speakers are the new sustainable standard for natural sound tonality and cone dependability. A luxury sound based on hard working technology. Tone Tubby delivers a consistently sweeter sound that many professional musicians rely on to optimize their recording sessions and live performances. From large amphitheater stage settings to intimate nightclub gatherings, you may have already experienced the Tone Tubby sound!

Made from natural and organic hemp fibers, Tone Tubby offers a rich and smooth sound unheard of from paper cone speakers. The cones are more durable with a heat and tear resistance unlike paper speakers. Cones made from hemp not only sound good, they are good for the environment. Using a renewable resource means fewer trees used for paper, more jobs and a more sustainable future.

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