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Evidence Audio and CAST engineering partner up!

We've been talking with Tony at Evidence Audio recently and have decided to offer their cable ends and bulk cable on our website. CAST Engineering believes in quality and making sure we use the best available. Like many, we've used so many different types of cable, each with their own unique sound quality. Everyone at CAST Engineering agrees that Evidence Audio cables are the best. Pure and simple.

Please read more about them below and visit their website to explore their other cable offerings.

Evidence Audio™ was founded in 1997 by Tony Farinella to offer the finest Musical Instrument and studio cables available. The design methodologies are based on 30 years of research in preserving the quality of sound as it passes through electronics. The approach stems from the idea that in audio, “less is more”, and that no cable can actually improve the quality of what you hear. You can only replace a cable that is causing more distortion with one that causes less damage to the signal.

Therein lies the path to a better experience: Damage control though cables which let you play more, hear more and enjoy more. With designs that put less in the way of your signal.

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