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Jason "Slim" Gambill of Lady Antebellum added to the CAST Engineering artist family!

Please give a warm welcome to Mr Jason "Slim" Gambill to the artist family! Slim is a well established guitar player in the country world and is handling guitar duties for country superstars, Lady Antebellum. Read what Slim has to say about CAST Engineering and a bit more about who he is as a person -

"All the pedals are great....The Texas Flood is really one of the most natural overdrives I've heard, it's fantastic!" - Jason "Slim" Gambill

Jason Gambill – “Slim” – was born in a trailer park in Omaha, Nebraska, in a family of modest financial means. His father worked in construction; consequently, the family often traveled from one location to another, de¬pending on where he would find his next gig. Eventually, the family settled in Colorado Springs, Colorado by the time Slim was nine. At around that time, he received his first guitar from his grandmother. Richie Havens, Alvin Lee, and Jimi Hendrix would forever change Slim’s love for guitar playing after watching Woodstock: The Movie

As he experimented and perfected his craft, Slim formed and belonged to several bands such as “The Awkward Stage” and “Deep Fried” (with Dave Yaden). Slim met the singer/songwriter Joe Firstman, who nicknamed him “Slim”, in Los Angeles while he was pursuing a graduate degree in history. Together, they would record the album “The War of Women”, released in 2001. It would also be in California that Slim would meet and play with Charles Kelley, who later, with Dave Haywood and Hillary Scott would form the trio known as Lady Antebellum. With Charles’ encouragement, Slim would later move to Nashville and played guitar on four full-length albums.

Slim, who defines country music as a “sincere” genre which “tells stories that people can relate to by addressing ordinary people’s expriences”, tours, writes, and records regularly with Los Angeles pop/rocker Curtis Peoples; he also co-wrote “Slow Down Sister”, “Wanted You More”, “All for Love”, and “Better Man” with Lady Antebellum, with whom he’s been recording consistently for the last six years. Slim sees similarities in the “ground level simplicity” and honesty found in country music to songs written by legends such as Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, who also connect to their audience on a deeper level, for example Springsteen’s song about veterans coming back to the U.S. and not finding jobs like in “Born in the U.S.A.”. Slim states that these artists, through their art, speak to people directly and he fully understands their songs…

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