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Guitar Resurrection in Austin, Texas now carries CAST Engineering!

Spreading the tone in Austin, Texas to Guitar Resurrection. We are excited to be in a store with such an incredible lineup of gear and let's not forget about their seriously knowledgeable crew that can help you with any gear question you might have. Make sure to stop in and check out this great store. Learn a bit more about Guitar Resurrection below -

813 Morrow Street, Austin,TX 78757


For over 40 years Guitar Rez has provided Austin musicians with the finest in quality new and used guitars, basses and amps. From our origins as one of the first vintage guitar stores in the country to our present status as Texas' number one source for the boutique classics of today, the aim at Guitar Rez has always been to find the best sounding gear for our customers. We are authorized dealers for many of the industry's state of the art products including Gibson guitars, PRS guitars, Fender Custom Shop guitars and basses, G&L guitars and basses, Rickenbacker guitars and basses, Alembic basses, Ken Smith basses, NS Design, Trace Elliot bass amps, 65 amps, Dr. Z amps, Bogner amps, Bad Cat amps, AER amps, Santa Cruz guitars, Lowden guitars, Composite Acoustics guitars, Taylor guitars and much more. Our great selection always includes many limited edition and hard to find pieces. Our four person staff has combined experience of over a century in the music business! We play every guitar that comes in the door and again before it leaves to make sure everything we sell is the best that it can be. We also offer after market service for most of the brands we sell on any item purchased from us. At Guitar Rez we select our products for tone not for profit margin, and our large selection allows us to bring our customers the best prices we can without sacrificing the quality and service they have come to expect.

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