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Trey Bentley of The Van Lears added to the artist family!

Let's welcome Mr Trey Bentley to the CAST Engineering artist family! Trey and his brother Andrew are The Van Lears. A band that labels itself "COUNTRY-ISH" in sound. After listening to them, I can see why the term is used to help define their sound and vibe. Trey has taken quite fondly to the Casper and is creating some serious soundscapes -

The Van Lears' sound is what you get when two rock and roll brothers are raised by two talented parents who are steeped in classic country music. The result is genre bending music that is both classic and modern. Lyrically, the songs are rooted in the tradition of stories of "Love and Love Lost", which happens to be the title of their new EP. Underneath the lyrics are a solid foundation of modern rock elements that jump out of the speakers and propel the songs to new heights.

Some of the forward looking radio programmers that are spinning the tunes have called it "arena country", some others have called it "country-ish". Whatever you think it is, it's definitely the future of country music.

The Van Lears

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