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Our friends at Premier Guitar did a review of the Casper delay pedal in their Pedal Issue -

Thank you to our friends over at Premier Guitar for doing a review of our Casper delay pedal in their annual "Pedal Issue"!

Below is a glimpse of what they had to say - Make sure and visit for the full review -


At a glance, CAST Engineering’s Casper digital delay looks like a lot of old-school, 3-knob delays. And even when you power it up in a dimly lit room and experience the visual pleasure of the eerily glowing backlit knobs, there’s little to suggest that it’s different than any simple digital delay. But Casper’s echoes seem like the product of thoughtful circuit tweaking—clean without sounding characterless. And with a feedback pot that allows adjustment of the self-oscillation threshhold, it often feels very analog. Glowing Promise, Hidden Powers When you click Casper on, the knobs become enshrouded by nebulous baby-blue light. Otherwise, it’s simple as a delay can be: no tap tempo, no LCD screen, and no presets.

The narrower control range makes it much easier to dial in the settings you need on the fly.


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