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Lance Seymour of Gear Talk does a 1 minute video of the Texas Flood -

Take a moment and read what Lance has to say about the pedal -

When CAST Engineering set out to emulate Stevie Ray Vaughan’s TS808, I have no doubt they knew their work was cut out for them. After some research on Cast’s Texas Flood, I learned that they not only were able to emulate the Holy Grail of all Tube screamers but take it to other heights. Texas Flood is billed by CAST Engineering as an all in one 808 extravaganza, lifting some notes from the late Cesar Diaz. Texas Flood is incredibly smooth, fat and has all the characteristics you want in an 808 and none of the characteristics you do not want. To my ear, it offers quite a bit more gain than a stock 808 and has a tone control that never lets TF sound brittle. When the volume is set to noon, that is unity gain with the bypassed signal. It really starts kicking around 2 o’clock. Texas Flood can really kick your amp in the face, if so desired. I found the Texas Flood to be the perfect pedal for leads, when you really want to cut through, indicative for tubescremaers. No matter where you set the gain, you’ll be heard, wether you are gigging with Briatn Setzer’s 15 piece orchestra, or just need a clear, loud clean solo boost. I have played my share of TS808 based pedals (understatement of the year) and I can honestly say, Texas Flood is smoother than most and never has a midrange that eerks me when taking a 9 minute, uninhibited Spanish rock solos in my studio… 3AM. If you’re an 808 fanatic that is still looking for the pinnacle of tubescreamer elation, I suggest you check out CAST Engineering's Texas Flood. Hand made in my hometown of Atlanta, Ga. :)

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