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Prince Azariyah added to the CAST Engineering Family!

Prince Azariyah began playing guitar at the age of 6 and discovered a natural attraction to his dads record collection, which developed his ear by listening to artists such as Stevie Wonder, Charlie Parker, Wes Montgomery, Eric Clapton, Chicago, and many others. By the ago of 9, Azariyah was performing with a local church, and there he met a great musician who began to mentor him in the study of music. After school, Azariyah began to travel and perform with singers and musicians of different styles, and had the opportunity to tour with American Idol Star, Ruben Studdard. In 2015 Azariyah met his life long teacher, George Benson, and was able to get some advice that would change his musical life forever.

Now adjusting his focus on broadening his music career by moving in the direction of rock and blues, with a blend of jazz. Azariyah says, after stumbling across CAST Engineering pedals, "These pedals have expanded the way that I hear music, and the possibilities associated with music." Steve and the team over at CAST Engineering have created great products that will help every guitar player express themselves in a more creative way.

"I feel very honored to be working with this great pedal company, and look forward to expanding my musical ideas" - Prince Azariyah

Please visit Prince Azariyah's Facebook by clicking here

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