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Hunter Callahan added to the CAST Family!

We are proud to welcome Mr Hunter Callahan to the CAST Engineering family! Please take a minute and check his music out !

If you asked the 22 year-old singer-songwriter what kind of genre he plays,

he'd reply with the simple response, “I just play music.”

And, quite frankly, that’s the truth.

At the age of 14, Hunter Callahan first picked up the guitar because he

wanted to sound like Guns N’ Roses and AC/DC. “I wanted to be Slash. Probably

just about every high school kid with a guitar wants to be in a rock band at some

time or another,” states the singer. Two years later, Hunter joined a Southern

rock and country band with his older brother. While a member of this band, he

played venues such as The Frederick Brown Amphitheatre in Peachtree City,

GA. Playing with this group changed the direction of his music, so around the

age of 17, Hunter found his niche as a guitarist in a genre of music that was all

but dead and gone: The Blues.

“The great thing about Blues music is that it’s so wide open. As a musician,

you can say so much while keeping it so incredibly simple.” Drawing influence

from artists like B.B. King, Jimi Hendrix,

and Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hunter worked towards being a master of the guitar.

In June of 2014, and on his 21st birthday, Hunter found himself with some

of Nashville's elite working on songs that were just ideas in his head just a few

short months ago. John Bass, owner of Arctic Sound Studios, was the lead

engineer on the project. "I've been in this business for thirty years and I've seen

and heard a lot of people try to make it in the business. This kid just had

something different that was so incredible to see and hear for just a 21-year-old

musician. His writing was incredible, his guitar playing was like any of the top

session players I've ever seen in Nashville, and yet he was just this humble guy

just coming in to do his album. It was an incredible experience for all of us," said

John Bass. Also on his project was John Howard, renowned Nashville bassist

who has played for Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Randy Owen, and is the bassist for

America's Got Talent top band "Sixwire" who routinely plays on the hit show

"Nashville." John Howard says, "This kid is one to watch, definitely." Sean

MacDonald lent his incredible rhythms and Dana played keys/piano and did

worked on the orchestration. To finalize the project, Jeff Hazard put down some

dirty B3 on a couple of tracks and John Bass arranged for a gospel choir to come

in on "Miracles." Truly, it was a team of professionals that gave everything they

could to Hunter's project "Broken Hearts and Melodies."

Hunter’s album debuted at a sold out Eddie’s Attic on September 14, 2014.

That show marked the 3rd consecutive sellout at the venue. A streak that currently

sits at 5 sellouts today. With twelve amazing new songs, all of which could be hit

singles, Hunter Callahan is well on his way to making his mark in the music


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