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Texas Flood review from Australia!

Many Thanks to Mark Watson from Australia, for purchasing a Texas Flood pedal then doing a review of it !

please take a minute and read his email to us. and please click the image below to hear Mark's band, Devil's Kiosk! Thanks again Mark!


Hi Steve,

The pedal has arrived, thanks so much, I spent the last coupe of hours putting it through it’s paces and I must say you have “nailed the tone” with this pedal. It’s amazing. It’s rare that I plug in pedal and play for hours but today I did.

Small history, I’m a professional blues guitarist here in Australia with my band Devil’s Kiosk. we play all styles of blues and I’m forever looking for THE tone. My favourite tone is SRV at El Macombo, basically a cranked blackface with a strat and an 808 set to push it over the edge. Today I achieved that with the addition of your pedal to my rig. I have 9 old TS808’s TS9’s and ST9’s with all kinds of opamps , all great pedals , and yours is on par if not better, the mid hump isn’t offensive, the bottom end sounds fuller without going into flub and the tone control Actually works, it’s got the subtle changes long missed in pedals .

I used my 2 main guitars for the test, a 60 slab board and a 64L and set my Blackface based 45 watt 2 x 10 amp on 8 (I use a THD Hotplate ) and used the Texas Flood as a tone booster or fattener , It just adds another dimension, I’ve set it with the volume at 12, tone at 2 o’clock , Drive at 10 o’clock, at that setting I can leave the pedal on and just use the guitars volume for cleaning it up. Very impressed

Thanks for a great pedal , you should be proud

Kind regards

Mark Watson

Devil’s Kiosk



Check Mark's band out here!

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