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Our "TEXAS FLOOD" Overdrive Pedal is going strong and helping to shape guitar tones on stages and recording studios across the country - a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to all who are supporting the movement!! The players in Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band(Jim "Moose" Brown, Rob McNelley, and guitar tech to the stars Jo Lopez)are all using and loving their TEXAS FLOOD pedals, and we are simply ecstatic.

Our next offering in the chute is the much anticipated "TIME MACHINE" Delay pedal which will be in full-swing production within the upcoming weeks along with the "ŪBER DRIVE" Overdrive pedal hot on its heels(look for a late April/early May release of the ŪBER DRIVE!)!! The "TIME MACHINE" Delay pedal is a warm, analog-voiced atmospheric and epic delay equally adept at conjuring early rock-n-roll slap back, ambient texture for rhythm or solo work, or liquidy sonic landscapes that sweetly oscillate into forever.

We here at CAST Engineering are extremely excited and pumped up to get these new products into your hands and guitar rigs. If you haven't already, please go visit our "Products" page and scroll down to listen to the sound clips provided for an aural "sneak peek"!!!

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