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CAST Engineering at BOB SEGER!!!

The CAST crew had the awesome opportunity to go hang with the boys from BOB SEGER and the SILVER BULLET BAND!! We brought some CAST pedals for the guys to try out, and everybody flipped! We even let them try a few protoypes of soon-to-be-released products.... ;) Jim "Moose" Brown is Bob's longtime touring player, and a songwriting/session player extraordanaire with hit songwriting credits and a long pro-level track record under his belt. He's also a very, very nice guy. Rob McNelley was Bob's lead player, and is the Nashville first-call session player who's credits include most everything on current country radio! What an amazingly talented, tasty player. The good news? BOTH ordered up TEXAS FLOOD's!!!!! They LOVED 'em!! The guitar tech that evening was Jo Lopez, who is usually out with his looooontime boss "THE Boss" Bruce Springsteen!! Jo ALSO wanted not one, but TWO TEXAS FLOOD Overdrive pedals - one for his own touring rack[!], and one to slip onto Springsteens!!! HOW COOL!!! All in all, it was just another wonderful night in the life of the CAST Enginnering team.......we are so pleased and honored to be able to bring top-quality handcrafted in the USA effects pedals to the rigs of players who KNOW and WANT the best in tone. We are humbled, and excited!!!

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