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CAST Engineering is here!!

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Welcome to the CAST Engineering website and online store!! We are absolutely THRILLED to be doing what we love - creating awesome effects pedals for you by hand right here in Atlanta, GA. We have BIG plans for the months and years up ahead, with a TON of super cool products already finished and ready for release - see, this company has been hard at work for a while already. We have been busy researching and developing classic mostly analog effects circuits, and finding ways to make them sound better than ever! We thrive on the challenge, have PASSION for tone, and legitmately ENJOY the process from beginning to end. We do things by hand, using the best components we can find. We implement design processes that are sometimes not the easiest, because we don't necessarily care about easy - we care about AWESOME. We truly hope you enjoy using our products as much as we have enjoyed and care about building them for you. Our work is backed up by our Lifetime Warranty, and that's because we stand behind what we do. If it breaks due to construction or design flaw, we fix or replace it for life. We want you happy, cranked up, and sounding better than you ever have - plain and simple.

Be sure to check back often - THIS is the area where we will be breaking news on new products, promoting upcoming happenings and events, spotlighting videos and artist rep stuff, and sharing things we are excited about! THANK YOU for being a part of our journey towards a better sounding world - we appreciate you!!



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