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Sean Michelson
CAST Engineering, Atlanta , Guitar Pedals, Guitar, texas flood, pulse drive, casper, delay, overdrive, tremolo, gear, boutique, inspire, guitar player, effects, hand built, pedals, music store, CAST, artist, built to inspire, Sean Michelson, Alchemy, atlanta, space rock

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Sean Michelsen is an American artist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. He is known for using heavily effected guitar tones and textures in his musical groups ( Alchemy, The Reptile Room ) as well as integrating progressive sound design with traditional recording styles. His music has been featured in Sony Television's "POWERS", the ADG's "Rock n Roll Salvation" series, web casts "Dirty Diana" & "Margo and the Universe", and is currently in rotation on multiple Southeastern radio stations.


Haunting, powerful vocals with heavy, yet atmospheric guitar sounds are just a few aspects of the intricate sounds of Alchemy. The rock band was formed by siblings Sami (vocals) and Sean Michelsen (guitar) around 2010 in Atlanta where they grew up. Without a band, the two moved away to write and record songs - a year later, upon their return, Alchemy began to take form. in 2013, they released the debut 8 song record, featuring "Heartbeat" and "Resistor". Welcoming Ben Greener (bass) and Raegan Wexler (drums), the 4-piece powerhouse continues to carve out a name for themselves as being an "arena ready performance".

"When I'm recording or playing live, the Casper Delay always delivers."

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