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Nick Johnson
CAST Engineering, Atlanta , Guitar Pedals, Guitar, texas flood, pulse drive, casper, delay, overdrive, tremolo, gear, boutique, inspire, guitar player, effects, hand built, pedals, music store, CAST, artist, built to inspire, Nick Johnson, Randall Bramblett, Fender

Nick is a well accomplished guitarist living in Atlanta, GA. He's currently touring with Randall Bramblett (Allman Brothers, Govt Mule, Steve Winwood, Widespread Panic, etc.) and is also extremely active in the Atlanta music scene.  Please stay current with Nick and where you can catch him playing next

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"the Texas Flood is always inspiring and always singing, this pedal is great for bringing leads to life especially with single coils. The Pulse Drive is a mainstay on my board and just came back from a 2 week tour of Europe. In addition to gorgeous and highly usable tremolo, the Pulse Drive provides an excellent clean boost that I have found to be great at giving me more clean volume and fatness when i need it. I was blessed by the back line gods on this tour, but in the event that a back line amp is without tremolo, the Pulse Drive always pleases. LED's are also great for indicating the speed of the tremolo on a dark stage! Thanks for everything!"

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