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Matt McDaniel
CAST Engineering, Atlanta , The Big Fire, Guitar Pedals, Guitar, texas flood, pulse drive, casper, delay, overdrive, tremolo, gear, boutique, inspire, guitar player, effects, hand built, pedals, music store, CAST, artist, built to inspire, Matt McDaniel, Drake White, Nashville, Griffin, Guitar Dude, Gear Dude, Vintage, Tone

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Matt  grew up surrounded by music in Griffin, Georgia. Once he learned to play the guitar as a kid, he hit the ground running. With musical influences like Conway Twitty, Radiohead’s Johnny Greenwood and Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, McDaniel has come up with his own flare when it comes to performing. Now after almost of year of playing with Drake White, he has grown to love the fact that anything can happen while on the road. “You can find excitement and adventure in even the worst of situations,” McDaniel said.

 "As a musician who has spent countless hours, dollars, and well over 2/3 of his life on the never-ending quest for my holy grail tone, I can tell you that I've tried nearly everything out there, old to new, mass-produced junk to boutique bliss and everything in between! I said that to simply say this: I know tone, and I know when something is pure magic...and these CAST Engineering pedals are magic! They are not only extremely well-built and durable (great for guys like me who are constantly stomping on, sweating on and abusing them onstage night after night) but they are some of the best sounding pedals I have ever had the pleasure to play...the tones are always inspiring, and I've found that these 3 little boxes have quickly become the backbone of my current rig! I can't imagine playing a single gig without these pedals now."

Matt's thoughts on the Casper -

"What can I say about this pedal?! The best delay I've ever come across that wasn't 6 times this price! I am a delay nut; I have probly got more delay pedals/units/tape echoes in my gear locker than I have articles of clothing in my closet, so believe me when I tell you how amazing this little white box is!! Totally transparent, extremely dynamic and the perfect marriage between old-school analog warmth and modern, hi-fi clarity. This pedal will have you playing all kinds of stuff you didn't know you were capable of, as you turn the knobs and melt away into the sonic goodness! From rockabilly slapback to Gilmour-style psychedelia and beyond, this is your new best friend in the delay department! Kudos to the team at CAST Engineering for this game-changing's the only delay on my live boards now, and the #1 delay I reach for for my session work on guitar, pedal steel, electric pianos and pretty much anything else!!"

Matt's thoughts on the Pulse Drive -

"I will shamelessly admit that, when it comes to tremolo, I've been devoted to one "pedal" only for nearly 12 years now: Mike Fuller's Fulltone box (the original version). I have thoroughly beat that thing up dragging it all over the country and playing thousands of shows with it, and it had gotten a little fragile. I was looking for a replacement, but I'm stubborn. I hadn't considered any other pedals UNTIL I heard/played the CAST Engineering Pulse Drive! Such an organic and extremely musical tremolo, highly reminiscent of that early 60's "Brown" amp tremolo sound that I love, but with a more detailed and airy, open character. It cuts through a thick mix like a knife through warm butter. The fact that you can add in a little dirt and grit to the tremolo via the "Boost" section makes this a Swiss-army pedal to have on your board...BUT, my secret weapon is using the Pulse Drive as just a can nudge my amps into that sweet spot like no other "boost" pedal I've ever adds character and volume, but no harshness or unpleasant artifacts...Since the moment I heard it, I haven't turned it off!"

Matt's thoughts on the Texas Flood -

"I've retired some long-coveted and much-beloved drive pedals since getting my CAST Engineering Texas Floods. From clean & mean to downright dirty, the spectrum of sounds available with that one pedal are astonishing. Very touch-sensitive, articulate and warm (without getting muddy), all qualities that I look for in a great overdrive. The real sonic magic with this pedal happens, to me, when you stack two of them together...the Texas Flood plays well with ALL my other pedals, including drives, fuzzes, and distortions, but the toneful, singing sustain you get when stacking two Flood's up is something you have to hear and feel to believe! Just buy 2 of them, and thank me later..."

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