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Kirk Green
CAST Engineering, Atlanta , Guitar Pedals, Guitar, texas flood, pulse drive, casper, delay, overdrive, tremolo, gear, boutique, inspire, guitar player, effects, hand built, pedals, music store, CAST, artist, built to inspire, Kirk Green, Bass player, Lauryn Hill, Joss Stone, Ricky Martin, Grammy, Interscope

I am an award winning bassist, composer and film maker.  I have produced and starred in commercials for radio and television, scored music for an award winning documentary, and was recently nominated for a grammy for a double platinum single for the artist Ricky Martin.  My musical journeys have taken me all over the world as I was the bassist for recording artist Joss Stone, and the musical director for songstress Lauryn Hill. My latest work is with renowned producer Jim Jonsin through the Interscope label and Rebel Rock Music Group.

With the power of Musical Instrument Digital Interface or MIDI, I have transformed my approach to playing the bass guitar.  I am able to assign any keyboard sound to my strings and play the bassline and keyboard parts simultaneously on one instrument while singing.  My mission is to revolutionize the way music is approached from a bassist/vocalists perspective using technology as an enhancement rather than a substitute for true talent.

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