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Jared Koenig
CAST Engineering, Atlanta , Guitar Pedals, Guitar, texas flood, pulse drive, casper, delay, overdrive, tremolo, gear, boutique, inspire, guitar player, effects, hand built, pedals, music store, CAST, artist, built to inspire, Jared Koenig, Hunter Callahan, Gear Dude

Jared has been a side guy in Atlanta for various singer/songwriters over the past 7 years. Since 2013, he's been with fellow CAST artist, Hunter Callahan. Based in the southside of Georgia; they can be seen frequenting the Atlanta music scene. He is also active in the praise and worship community, playing in various churches around town. Beyond that, Jared is a gear and tone hound, with a love for guitar pedals. Please check out the current happenings with Jared and make sure to catch a show and talk gear and tone with him!

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