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Casper Awarded Editor's Pick!
CAST Engineering Casper
CAST Engineering Casper Delay
Inside of prototype Casper
CAST Engineering Casper

The Casper brings you classic analog delay tones in a compact, digital pedal. Simple and to the point yet extremely dynamic and versatile. Designed to please any delay fan out there, tonally and visually. Three knobs that dial in a wide range of textures. Our analog signal path flows through a custom tuned echo processor allowing a wide variety of sounds, from quirky trash can type tones to classic slap back to dreamy soundscapes. We included a trim pot inside to control the amount of feedback on the repeats, allowing you to control how fast the pedal freaks out allowing you to grab those classic alien spaceship noises that we all know and love by sending it into self oscillation..  Topped off with our unique “Ghost Lit” control knobs. The CAST Engineering Casper delay pedal is guaranteed to become a pedalboard favorite!

- 700 MS of Delay Time

- Bypass Switch - true bypass of signal

- Repeats - adjusts the amount of repeated signal

- Delay - adjusts time of delay signal

- Level - adjusts volume of delayed signal

- Internal Trim Pot - adjusts feedback                               circuit controlling the self oscillation from none

  to over the top crazy!

- Ghost Lit Knobs

- 9V Battery or standard negative tip power supply

- Can be powered anywhere between 9 and 18 volts

- Top Quality Components

- Designed and Hand Built in Atlanta, GA


- check out the videos below - 

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