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About Us

Who is CAST Engineering?

- CAST Engineering is founded on solid, old fashioned values - 


Value - We continually strive to offer the best quality at the best price, no short cuts

Honesty - No deception, we do what we say we do. 

Quality - We use the highest quality components available and stand behind the with a lifetime warranty. 

Customer Service - Polite, knowledgable and always willing to help or just talk gear and guitars


CAST Engineering constantly strives to make the best, handbuilt products possible.  All our products are designed and built in house in Atlanta, GA, using vintage, through hole technology to give the player the best tone possible. Play one to hear and feel the difference! Our pedals are visually and tonally unique, offering simple controls that are very dynamic and versatile. Please stay tuned, we have a long list of circuits designed and are excited to share them with everyone!


Take a second and read a little about the people behind CAST Engineering. 

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Steve Evans

Steve Evans is an interesting man with a vibrant history and a never-ending well of wonderful stories that just so happen to be true.  Steve went to college on a golf scholarship as a young man.  When he graduated, did he dive headlong into his chosen profession as an engineer?  No.  He became a professional bowler for the PBA and traveled the country as a top contender.  In his early 30s, he decided it was time to come off the road and settle down to start his family with his now longtime bride Cathy.  He spent the next portion of life running companies.  Owning companies.  Small and large, corporate and not.  He learned how to be a dependable problem solver within the structure of cutting edge design.  He has also been a lifelong guitar player, and adopted his passion for tone while in the midst of a 15 year run as guitar player in his church.  He learned quickly that he was having a hard time finding the guitar sounds he was hearing in his head.  So, he decided to make them.....

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John Frey

John first picked up a guitar as a teenager.  His early influences included Steve Evans who was dating his cousin and taught him how to play the intro to "Stairway to Heaven."


After a brief stint at UNC-A as a Music with Recording Engineering major, John realized he was much better at math than music when he found himself taking differential equations courses to bring up his slacking GPA.  John left UNC-A and spend four years working on electronics for the USAF.


John never gave up the guitar.  He continued playing in garage bands even as he left the USAF and moved to Atlanta to go back to college. 

Eventually he graduated with a BSEET from Southern Polytechnic State University.


John has 20 years of engineering and development experience in Aerospace, Sensors, Cable, Satellite, IPTV , Networking, Security and Music.  As an engineer, John has done analog, digital and mixed signal design.  He as worked in production support.  He has an extensive background in Software Development for embedded devices and in client server applications.

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